Guest house

Automate & simplify guest house operations,

Manage the daily operations of the guest house and boost your revenue at every opportunity. Possess a calendar-based tool for managing bookings or reservations for guest houses. Guesthouse software helps to seamless centralization of your booking tasks such as room inventory, immediate arrivals, guests check-ins & check-outs and get ready for all prompt bookings.

Guesthouse management software offers to create, import & export multiple brief reports, sales and bookings at few clicks. You can also run promotions and offers and attract more guests you want. Enjoy the integrated advanced technologies to meet your guests demands. Acquire better insights about your guests and business via employing the software.

Reserve rooms, create invoices & manage the guest list
Managing and track your expenses
Easily accept or deny requests via emails or message
Track & control bookings

Guesthouse management software streamlines both short-stay and long-stay rooms for the customers. From booking to billing, guests can make direct reservations of the rooms and other accommodations offline and online. Guests can check the availability of the rooms and suites at home even encircling the globe.

Handle efficiently reservations from all sources and seamless multiple reservations. Keep apt track and increase your business efficiency via efficient software. Manage your guest arrivals at any time and handle the short stay wisely. Secure all kinds of short or long stay unlimited direct or online bookings via guest house management software.

Passion for hospitality
Stay in short or long


One-stop property digital experience,

Primarily supportive for real estate professionals and landlords to maintain tasks, residents and track leases. Supervision of all types of properties such as commercial, residential and industrial places such as houses, apartments, real estate, shopping centres and condominium units. It includes processes such as operation, control, maintenance and oversight of various properties.

Easy-to-use solutions and evaluate any property of your choice. Collect and manage finances to simplify costs and streamline all operations. Manage all the properties with general ledger, rent payments and accounts payable. Generate financial reports to organize & track interactions with existing and potential clients & partners.

Manage client interactions
Streamline internal communication
Billing & financial management
Instant visibility of a property

Faculty Book

Cater to everyone's needs

Get an end-to-end solution and faculty information management system that automates all the steps of the faculty. It denotes both teaching and non-teaching staff actions that happened in the institution. It includes faculty lifecycle such as on-boarding, joining, recruitment, task & workload management and performance tracking. Insights that includes both recruitment and onboarding process helps to improve interviews, future sourcing and more.

Maintains profiles up-to-date, manage inefficient tasks with relevant tools and handle faculty lifecycle progress. It equips with a workflow such as a workload, evaluation, reviews, advancements and many related professional development activities from a centralized platform. Both the faculty and administrator gather insightful data from multiple systems to all the people. Meet all accreditation and compliance requirements.

Faculty activity reporting
Role-based integrated platform


Customizable & scale up business

Grow your business and improve response time with the apt CRM software. Complete your deals faster than you think and tailored for small, mid-size & big businesses. Integrate it with all kinds of applications and get a competitive advantage for your brand. Easy to set up and tune in for all types of specific needs.

Enjoy best-in-class features that give you a 360-degree view of your entire sales cycle and its forthcoming processes. It is a complete guide that brings a host of capabilities together. You can easily track all your prospects and customers, make calls, send emails, create and schedule reports and appointments and access all kinds of business information.

Magnify the efficiency
Cost-saving & productivity enhancement
Leverage advanced CRM technology
Build relationship dimension

Inventory Management Software

Helps to track inventory levels

Grow business in different directions and get a feature-loaded solution. Confine to handle back-end business operations such as accounting information, billing and shipping info, accounting details, purchase history, financial data, basic order management and supply chain management brief details.

Inventory software gives a complete cloud-based solution for any mini or maxi retail industry. It stands unique with distinct features like GST, Inventory management, Stock maintenance, and Barcode generator. You can well manage from simple single-entry to complex multiple-entry billing processes. It's easy user interface software & exclusive in generating bills in a matter of few seconds, cut down on shrinkage, alert-tracker for lessening stocks and so on.

Monitor package & shipments
Control stock in a warehouse


One-stop solution to automate supermarket process

It includes GST billing & return filling, secured payments, increased productivity & speedy checkouts. Handle efficiently all the shortcuts, barcode scanning, sales, purchase operations such as invoices, bills & payments. Manage your cash and each transaction securely with supermarket management software. Evaluate daily reports, track products in a single click and get complete customer history and much more.

Maintain easily stock of several items and identify the item at the time of billing and generate stock reports on a daily or monthly basis. Run internal audit and generate e-bill, GST returns, TDS & TCS for a complete GST compliant solution.

Seamless shopping experience
Ensure fast billing
Control stocks & reduce pilferage
Easy automation & data integration

Invoice and PO

Build better relationships & keep track of sales

Invoice management & PO software is the all-in-all performance monitoring software and gives dynamic website designs for all types of businesses. It’s pretty par excellence software to automate the whole accounting process. It garners all granular data into the all-inclusive invoice report. It allows you to craft and draft customize invoices for your customers. It generates detailed reports, manages stock and checks the business status anywhere at any time.

You can proactively add or manage the data, identify the potential clients and customers, trace out your progress tracker and control the outage issues. You don’t want to run in a Marathon to manage your business instead Invoice & PO software meticulously melts out all your administrative tasks with few clicks.

Navigate your Small or Big business track
Ease customers in every aspect of your business