Global payment gateway platform

Designed to handle end-to-end process of payments. Internet payment gateway is the best choice for transactions nowadays. Easiest integration completely online onboarding quickly go live with Razorpay and experience the future of payments.

Payment gateway plays a huge role in the process of online transaction methods, which is the realization of value, accurate and instant receiver of payments, hence is seen as an important pillar of eCommerce. The online payment gateway activates within minutes and starts accepting payments from anywhere, at any time. Take your dashboard wherever you go. Start your business anywhere and Receive payments immediately

Pros of Internet payment gateway :

Accept all types of payment
Global card savings
Checkout properly
Robust security
Ease to use

Two-stage Process of Payment

Submitting key business details as well as Business People / Promoter pan card number or Aadhar card, We complete the KYC, it will allow you to accept the payment instantly. The second stage requires address proof, business proof, and details of sites. All these documents can be submitted online, even while you are accepting payments from your customers.

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